Season 2022 – 2023

Season 2020 – 2022

  • Give me a smile program.

Since 2011 El Ingenio has presented: Give me a smile program. It is a project to share with elderly communities the beauty of performing arts. The program aims to bring the dramatic arts to those unable to reach the theater due to illness or circumstance. We have attended different senior adult care centers providing music, acting, painting, and dancing classes.  Also, seniors participate in several theatrical performances.

Senior Centers participants: Little Giants, Golden Edge, West Miami Adult Care, Garden Adult Care, and Context Medical Group, among others.

PARTICIPATION: Approximately 30 students for each center will participate in art workshops in such varied disciplines as painting, music, singing, movement, acting, makeup, and other arts that are intrinsic to a theater production. At the end of the program, all students will perform the play they have developed during the program. They will learn how to improvise and combine different disciplines in a theatrical play. Participants will explore different methods of movement and gesture without words and learn new musical instruments that have fallen out of use. They will participate in modern adaptations of classic plays which we hope will inspire them to develop crucial reading habits. Since we work surrounded by nature, the seniors are free to explore the sounds and colors of nature which could help inspire them throughout the creative process. They also will learn how to develop their own costumes utilizing reusable materials. Senior citizens will learn about the advantages of teamwork and will discover each participant’s creative and artistic abilities, all of which will lead them to develop more self-esteem.

Season 2018 – 2019

– Give me a smile program.

With the support of context Medical Center, Ingenio presents a program for seniors, called “Give Me a Smile.” Older people will participate in a series of theatrical workshops taught by El Ingenio’s professors. This culminates with the presentation of the original work, starring the same seniors at its headquarters in Hialeah.

The program is intended to bring the performing arts to those who cannot get to the theater due to a disease or circumstance.