Back to Havana

Three women are in the cafeteria of a hotel in Old Havana. They don't know each other, but they share something more than root and nostalgia for a city. Two of them emigrated to Spain and Miami respectively and today they return for different reasons. The third lives there, dreaming and yearning for what was and what could have been. They hardly know each other, they have no history in common, they live in very different places, but all three will enter an area of confessions and memories that will take them, through dialogue, by a strange and imaginary geography of the city. And in it, a thread that connects their lives beyond borders and boundaries.
Returning to Havana is the story of an exile and a reunion with the origin. The lives of these three women serve as an excuse to reflect on the uprootedness, immigration and the loss of identity faced by more and more people and families in the world as they embark on a new life in a foreign country.

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