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Celia a gift from the soul , Saturday, September 24 at 7 PM, in KOUBEK Center

El Ingenio Teatro presents The Little Flying Crab by Onelio Jorge Cardoso adapted by Lilliam Vega, July 21, 22 and 23 at the Koubek Center. Tickets on sale at for information at (786) 247-8385.

CASANDRA VI International Theatre Festival dedicated to women presents the world premiere of Celia. 5 and 6 March

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"Celia, a gift from the soul" Presented By El Ingenio Teatro

Since I was born you spoke for me. My uncles and grandparents
were happy with your laughter.
This is how the text of an actress begins that evokes -like faults or
fragments of life- the image and voice of Celia Cruz, the mythical
Cuban singer exiled in New York.

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Stephen's village

El Pueblo de Esteban is an adaptation of two stories by Gabriel García Márquez: El ahogado más hermoso del mundo (The Most Beautiful Drowned Man in the World) and El mar del tiempo perdido (The Sea of Lost Time).

It is not about a literal reading of the stories, but about taking up spaces, environments, themes and characters that evoke the author's own magical realism and that of the people of Latin America and the Caribbean.

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A DJ is wanted

The myth, as such, becomes the protagonist in this urban, contemporary and musical proposal of El Ingenio Teatro, in which a curator and a journalist try to unmask a figure that everyone has heard about and that leaves his signature wherever he goes. The initials DJ can be read in the streets of the city. Everyone agrees that he is a public threat. One young woman says it's a DJ story in a game of conflicting visions. Stories with which we will discover what is true and what is fantasy in that figure so often portrayed and evoked.

With the text of the renowned Cuban playwright, Raquel Carrió and under the direction of Lilliam Vega, is looking for DJ was released in October 2011 in Miami in the TEMFest.

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Blood Weddings

Revisiting a classic is always an exciting adventure. More, if it is the tradition itself, it sinks its roots in the lineage of the Hispanic. How many times has the play of Federico García Lorca crossed the sea to nourish the scenarios of our America? would be countless. But the funny thing is how his works find, in the American scenarios, new readings that bring him closer to different but convergent realities. And it is that blood weddings, barren or the house of Bernarda Alba, have traveled first in the blood, in the looks, in the traces of an inheritance that always renews itself.

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A Streetcar called Desire

If you have ever visited New Orleans you can no longer read the tram... without listening to the sound that haunted Blanche Du Bois. And it is that the real scenery of the work of Williams is not in the decorations nor in the objects, but in the soul and the secret impulse, visceral, of the characters. New ORLEANS-The south-is the natural space of this story, as much as Blanche breathes the air of Belle Reve in every word or every gesture. In other words, the city is a state of the soul, a condition of being. And something similar happens when you've seen Elia Kazan ' movie. It can no longer read the tram... that imagining Marlon Brando in his stance of savage or Vivian Leigh with his gaze between naive and perverse.

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Decameron Bar

A bar where passions and dreams overflow is the setting he has chosen el Ingenio Teatro to bring to life the stories of Giovanni Boccaccio, The Decameron, in a revamped version by Raquel Carrió directed by Lilliam Vega.

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Cross Letters

The piece is based on the historical facts that confronted the Queen of England Elizabeth I, daughter of Henry VIII, with her sister Mary, married to the monarch who was accused of assassinating Henry VIII. Isabel accuses her own sister of treason, being Mary condemned to death.
The history and characters of this version of cross-letters are only a way to reflect, from our time, on issues that maintain a strange validity: power and love, blood links, state reasons and borders that separate people and Nations. Written as an analogy or metaphor about the actions of power and individual freedom, the action takes place on a single night, on the eve of the execution of Mary in the castle of Fotheringhay.

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"Havana in darkness, the Island in darkness, San Isidro in darkness, because sympathy and generosity have disappeared." Thus begins the monologue of the actress who plays the Jabá, the legendary character of Carlos Felipe in Requiem for Yarini. Because not only the myth and the legend correspond to Yarini, but in the Requiem...-Magnificent intuition of Philip, the Jabá occupies the indisputable center of Action. We know of Yarini through her much more than by her own actions. And in this mysterious triangle of the passion that form the Jabá, the Santiaguera and the Macorina, lies much of the magic and the secret imagery of the piece.

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Back to Havana

Three women are in the cafeteria of a hotel in Old Havana. They don't know each other, but they share something more than root and nostalgia for a city. Two of them emigrated to Spain and Miami respectively and today they return for different reasons. The third lives there, dreaming and yearning for what was and what could have been. They hardly know each other, they have no history in common, they live in very different places, but all three will enter an area of confessions and memories that will take them, through dialogue, by a strange and imaginary geography of the city. And in it, a thread that connects their lives beyond borders and boundaries.
Returning to Havana is the story of an exile and a reunion with the origin.

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Hamlet's case

With an unwavering commitment to making the classics of all times endure, he El Ingenio Teatro presents The Case Hamlet, an original text by Cuban playwright Raquel Carrió based on the play by William Shakespeare.
Under the direction of Lilliam Vega and starring Jorge Luis Álvarez, Susana Pérez, Gilberto Reyes, Carlos Garín and Anna Sobero, the theatrical piece appeals to the sensibility, creativity and spontaneity of the public by investigating the hidden keys of the universal work.

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The Flying Krill

The moral of the krill is universal. Can a crab fly and live in the branches of a tree? Every day I ask myself: Despite the many pitfalls we find in theatrical life, is it worth dreaming to fly?

Based on a children's story by Cuban writer Onelio Jorge Cardoso (1914-1986).

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The Cat with Boots

"The Cat in the boots of Liam Vega delicately takes the cultural questions to an increasingly cynical world. The absence of Ñoñerías in the theatrical version of Raquel Carrió favors the analysis of parents with their children to rethink elements that are already in the European story collected by Charles Perrault in the 17th century, and then versioning countless times. " Habey Hechevarría Prado, the new Herald.

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Heart to the Wind

A spectacle based on the novel Aura, by Carlos Fuentes and texts on the conquest of Mexico: The true story of the conquest of New Spain, by Bernal Díaz del Castillo, vision of the vanquished (compilation of texts by León Portilla) and the heart of green stone , by Salvador Madariaga, which gives title to the version of Raquel Carrió.

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Deseo is an original work written by playwright Raquel Carrió, based on the characters and the plot of A streetcar called the desire of Tennessee Williams, locating in a fictitious city of Latin America.
This work recalls the original attitudes of the characters of Tennessee Williams as well as the relationships between his characters, but also adds new ones, creating a referential and artistic world different from that of the American Classic.

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