The Company


Ingenio INC. is a multidisciplinary non-profit organization dedicated to producing, promoting and distributing the performing arts that share a common denominator: Latin culture.

Ingenio Inc. is a factory where the Latin roots are processed, well in pure state, well enriched by a growing and constant intercultural. This Factory is born not only to forge its own artistic proposals finished in a city where all the airs of Latin America converge, but also to export to other places through the visual and Scenic Arts, the artistic tendencies born in South Florida, as well as to bring to their co Mmunity The proposals that other artists with Latin influxes are developing in different corners of the world.



Technical Team



Guiomar Emedan


Vanessa Paz

Legal Advisor

Jorge Lorenzo

Production Assistant

Samuel Moynelo

Photos and Videos

Omar Moynelo


Rolando bonal

Web site

Ivan Pérez

Graphic Design

Ralh Heyer


Mirna García



Flora Lauten

Director of the Buendia Group

Henry Godinez

Artistic Director of the Goodman Theater

Ever Chavez

President of founding

Eduardo Manet


Xiomara Almaguer

President of Xael

Maria Isabel Montoya

Advertising Director

Hiram Vega

Publisher and publicist

Friends of the Wit

Carlos Caballero

Maira Marrero

Sandra and Ernesto García

Marian Rodríguez

Carmen Franchi

Manolo Gómez

Mileidy and Miguel Martínez

Ariel Pérez

Old unworthy Ladies

Melchor Casals

Eddy Levi

Sebastian Sierra

Yovana Martínez

Asela Torres

Gabriel Cutino

José González

Naarai Ortiz

Lucas Ackerman

Alicia Medina

Luis Naleiro

Ariel Polo

Roxana Montenegro

Orlando Casin

Jaqueline Arenal

Hector García

Family Emedan

Katia del Pino

Harry Castelblanco

Yovanni Medina

Board of Directors