Unforgettable Authors, 3rd Edition

Unforgettable Authors is a theater series that seeks to expose universal authors to locals and visitors to the city of Miami. El Ingenio produces this series annually, honoring different authors and creating an annual cultural event that will expand the city's national and international reputation as a center of cultural offerings, particularly those oriented to Latin American and Spanish-speaking audiences. The project offers a panel discussion following a free theatrical production. All events are bilingual or presented in Spanish with English subtitles.

The objectives of the project are:
1) Increase the exposure of the Latino community to universal authors.
2) Encourage the participation of young people in the dramatic arts and literature.
3) To facilitate the assimilation process of Latino immigrants while they adopt their new cultural heritage as residents of the United States of America.
4) To present high quality, avant-garde theatre productions, adapted from literary classics to instil in new generations the habit of reading.
5) Providing innovative discussion panels to educate and reach diverse audiences, and have specific social functions that promote dialogue across cultural and racial divides.

Third Edition Unforgettable Artists dedicated to the figure of Frida Kahlo.

A life so tragic, so full of accidents, wounds, losses and illnesses, shouldn't it be evoked in a ritual of pain, anger and sadness?
However, Frida's painting is a celebration of colour, of sounds, of astonishment at the most beautiful or terrible things, and in any case, a celebration of life with all its ambiguities. 
Perhaps for this reason, it is the most faithful way to summon those fragments of life, exorcising pain, distance and sadness.