Art workshops for children and adolescents


Art Workshops for children and teenagers every Saturday from 10 am to 2 pm. Registrations at 786 247 8385 / 305 746 7247 or a

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El Ingenio Teatro has among its main objectives to bring Latin culture and art to the new generations, for this reason it opened the doors of its performing arts workshops where every Saturday children and adolescents discover and practice the different disciplines that the theater encompasses. Several of his students have already participated in professional shows of the company such as Bodas de Sangre, El gato con botas and El caso Hamlet. El Ingenio has developed these programs in the format of extracurricular classes in the city of West Miami as part of summer camps in different parks in our community.
The theater is an inexhaustible field of fun and education where children learn through fun dynamics, improving their skills and exploring the different disciplines of the hand of professors with extensive experience in their fields of teaching.

The courses are structured by semesters to adapt to the school calendar and take place every Saturday from 10 am to 2 pm. Each week students take classes in painting, music, singing, movement, performance, make-up, dance among other specialties, with the purpose of being able to explore the different artistic disciplines that the scene encompasses. At the final of each semester is the presentation of the show in which they have been working, as well as a sample of exercises from different disciplines.

In addition to this permanent school, Ingenio has offered similar programs at the West Miami Recreation Center as extracurricular classes and in the women's Park within the summer camp that is organized by the county and is aimed at Teenage girls.


  • Lilliam Vega (Acting)
  • Loipa Alonso (writing)
  • Armando Tejuca (painting)
  • Rocio Alvarez (dance)
  • Ricardo Guerra (music)
  • Ivanesa Cabrera (Acting)

The ingenuity of the little ones

Vivian Jiménez *

When you enter the pantheon of Paris, between its arches and colonnades, the golden lights of a century are opening the way of history to stop in front of the man who looks high, in the distance, where his thought and work came. On the sheets which it holds in one hand and with the feather inked, in the other one, it wrote that it always agrees to strive more in being interesting than exact...

The factory

More than two centuries later, the idea of Voltaire continues to determine the role of solid artistic projects like the one developed by the theatre company El Ingenio since its founding in 2011. With the aim of producing, promoting and distributing the performing arts of the Latin culture, the group of artists that make it up, under the direction of Lilliam Vega Lauten, turn all their professional and emotional effort, in developing an artistic work that Deepen in the life of the human being, from the most explicit realities to the most hidden.

The Palace of the Arts


The Pirates.

The Elephant Bernardo.

Children's Theatre workshops fall 2014