Ariel Texidó

Guest Actor

Ariel Texido was born in Havana on 19 March 1981, Cuba. From the age of seven he showed an interest in acting by working in television. At the age of nine he made his first film, I rent for DreamsR, directed by Ruy Guerra. But it was not until the fourteen years that he began his acting studies, when he met Professor Humberto Rodríguez, director of the group Olga Alonso, who was his teacher during the following four years.

Between 2001 and 2004 he worked for the theatre company Hubert de Blanck, the theater of the Moon and the public theatre.

He has participated in soap operas such as Dangerous relationshipsRosarioThe House next Door And Husband for Rent.

He has lived in Miami since 2005. It is there that he meets Nilo Cruz, Pulitzer Prize winner in the Theatre category (2003), and participates in six of Cruz's productions for the company Arca Images, Hortensia and the Museum of Dreams (2013), Beauty of the Father (2015), The color of Desire (2015), Uncle Vania (2016), Lorca in a green dress (2016) y Moon Bath (2017), achieving in each of the performances of these pieces, high moments of artistic excellence.