Francisco Porras


Francisco Porras was born in Mexico City on December 16th
1974 and is a graduate of communication sciences. His artistic career began at age 17 as a bassist of different rock groups, but soon changed the music for the Performing arts becoming part of different companies such as Lynx or Moreno Productions, where he participated in titles like Don Juan Tenorio, Dream of a summer night or the precious ridiculous, among many others.
In the year 2003, he joined the National Theatre Company and began to work as a teacher of performance in different schools and found several companies and theatre programs for children and adolescents.
At the end of 2011 Francisco moved to the city of Miami where he has
Participated in various productions like bar men in bar. E
Bedroom comics. With el Ingenio Teatro was assistant of
Direction in A streetcar called Desire and the protagonist actor of the Puss in Boots, and Bar Decameron, besides joining the team of teachers of the children's workshops of the company. Francisco has participated in both his native Mexico and the United States, in several soap operas, titles such as dangerous relationships, courageous heart, the face of revenge and husband of rent have counted on his presence.