Gabriel Porras


Born in Mexico City, after graduating in communication, he gave himself to his true passion: the dramatic Art, graduating in the renowned center of theatrical Studies in Mexico City. Porras, internationally known for his television career, has already a trajectory of more than 20 years on the tables interpreted Classics Elizabethan as Hamlet or dream of a summer night, classics of the Spanish Golden Age, as the star of Seville or the Pawns of a house, titles of North American realism like True this West or Burn, and of course works of renowned Mexican playwrights like Chinese foxes of Emilio Carballido, and between Pancho Villa and a of Sabina Berman. In Miami, where he currently resides, he has participated in various assemblies such as blockbusters and TOC-TOC and inside the company Wit Theater, starred, A Streetcar called desire, blood Weddings and Bar Decameron on television has worked in a without Number of soap operas among which are highlighted the protagonists in the wound soul, forget ever, Mother Moon, Amalia's face, where is Elisa? And under the same sky. In film, he has participated in films like, foreign property, reflections, and under the same moon.