Loipa Alonso Claramunt

Vice President

Graduate of the Higher Institute of Arts of Havana in Performing Arts, specialization Teatrologia and Dramaturgen in the year 1989. He Began his professional life in the television environment as Assistant Director of regular programs of children's writing as well as dramatic and musical cutting. Between the year 2002-2008 is contracted by the advertising Agency Images of the corporation CIMEX as Artistic Director of the different International Conventions of Tourism for the presentation its agencies: Havanatur, Havanautos, Black Coral, Gaviota S. A, Contex As well as the International Book Fairs (2002 to 2008) and the I Cuban Rum Festival in the Morro-Cabaña complex.  Galas in different theatres of the capital Habanera are also part of his doing as artistic director of advertising Images.

In The year 2009 he joined the Cuban Dance company Yoldance as artistic Director of several of his projects; Of the most recognized "Viva Cuba "and" Kiss me very much: The musical of the Passions ",  Being presented in different scenarios of Europe with all the recognition of the specialized critics and the public.

Since 2013, she has been living in Miami and has joined the company El Ingenio Teatro as a Director's Assistant and Producer. She has been part of the works Decameron Bar, The cat with Boots, Crossed Letters, to Return to Havana, The Hamlet Case, Desire, Barren, The Feast of the Friducha. It Also integrates the staff of professors of the children's workshops of the company and is the producer of the International Festival of theatre Cassandra that organizes The ingenuity from the año2017.