A Rose of France

Project: Preserving the Oriental Organ.
Work: A Rose of France.

Olivier Leblanc, owner of a fairground organ named "A Rose of France", has lost one by one the musicians of his accompanying band. They have all left for the capital in search of better professional opportunities. Our organist has two options left: to sell everything and return to France, or to find new musicians to continue offering the Sunday concerts that animate the life of this small provincial town. He chooses the second option and organizes a big popular casting. 

On the stage of an old theatre, characters like the Donkey, the Rooster, the Dog, and the Cat will show their respective talents, hoping to be Monsieur Leblanc's chosen ones. 

Singing, dancing, music and a good dose of humour will be the ingredients of this work freely adapted from the story The Bremen Musicians by the Brothers Grimm.

A story is told here that speaks of second chances, of saving popular traditions, and of the unity necessary to achieve goals.

It's a show suitable for the whole family.